Tornado/Windstorm Damage – Commercial Insurance Claims

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Carl Gross

Carl Gross, Vice President and CAO

Vice President and CAO

Strong heavy winds and tornadoes can cause considerable damage even to the most well constructed buildings. As tornadoes sweep through an area, they bring with them damaging rains, hail and high winds.

Our professionals have years of experience in assisting commercial property owners in filing their business’ insurance claims due to tornado and/or wind damage. We have thorough knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the claims process. After a commercial property loss due to the high winds caused by a tornado, our public adjusters will work with you throughout the entire claim process. Our experts are trained in how to spot and document not just the obvious damage from the winds, but the more subtle damage caused by hail, to fully validate the true extent of your loss. From the initial appraisal to the final negotiations, our adjusters will guide you through the entire claims process, to help you and your business secure a full and fair settlement.

Since 1924, we have been helping policyholders with their property damage claims and have a long list of clients who have achieved a full financial recovery after experiencing tornado or wind damage.

After a tornado or windstorm our public adjusters will:

  • Tornado damage insurance claims helphelp you evaluate and document the extent of the damage;
  • take proper steps to mitigate any further damage;
  • thoroughly analyze your commercial insurance policy and develop a strategy for maximizing your financial recovery based on its clauses, additions, extensions, and exclusions and how these best apply to your specific loss;
  • quantify and detail the full extent of your damages in a format that the insurance company will recognize and respect;
  • advocate for you in negotiations with your insurance company;
  • educate and advise you regarding your options, communicating with you at every stage of the insurance claim process so you can make informed decisions;
  • settle your claim for the maximum amount; and
  • free you to focus on recovering and managing your business.

Contact the experts at Globe Midwest Adjusters International to professionally handle your commercial property insurance claim while you manage your business.

Who have we helped? 

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the services that your firm provided us with our insurance claims regarding tornado damages to two of our commercial properties. One of our buildings was a retail stand-alone facility and the other was an office building. Both incurred severe damages from a tornado…Your assistance with these claims not only expedited the process but lead us to a fair and reasonable settlement…I would highly recommend anyone dealing with a significant insurance claim consider the services provided by Globe Midwest/Adjusters International.

David Rayl
Dick Rayl & Associates, Kokomo, Indiana

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