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Carl Gross

Carl Gross, Vice President and CAO

Vice President and CAO

According to the NOAA, 1,200 tornadoes occur on average each year in the U.S. and cause billions of dollars in property damage. Both tornadoes and straight-line winds are the result of severe thunderstorms, winds from which “account for half of all severe reports in the lower 48 states,” according to the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory.

Even with modern construction techniques designed to mitigate storm damage, strong winds and flying debris can cause considerable damage. Roofs tear off, siding is ripped away, and flying tree limbs, vehicles, and other debris crash through walls and windows. Accompanying rains and hail do additional damage, both outside your home to roofs, siding, screens, and windows, and inside your home once the building envelope becomes compromised.

tornado windstorm residential insurance claim globe midwest adjusters internationalKnowing your deductible

Many homeowners insurance policies, especially in states where tornadoes and windstorms are more common, will have what’s called a windstorm deductible. This is a separate deductible that is sometimes a flat amount, but more often is a percentage (typically 1 to 5 percent) of your insured home value. This means that the deductible on a $100,000 home with a 5% deductible would be $5,000 out of pocket before the insurance policy ever kicks in. It quickly becomes apparent how important it is to thoroughly and accurately account for every iota of your loss so you don’t pay any more out of pocket than required under your policy.

A public adjuster works for you, the policyholder

Since 1924, our professionals have been helping homeowners to navigate their property insurance claims resulting from tornado and/or hail damage. We thoroughly understand the ins-and-outs of the claims process and apply this knowledge to making the experience smoother for our clients.

Our job is to identify and document not only the apparent damage from the winds, but the underlying structural damages and the more subtle damage caused by any accompanying hail or water. We have the knowledge required to thoroughly substantiate the full extent of your loss. Our public adjusters guide you through the entire process, from initial appraisal to the final negotiations with the insurance company.

Your job? To get your life and your family taken care of and back to normal as quickly and smoothly as possible while we handle the stress and strain of your insurance claim.

Who have we helped?

Our long list of satisfied clients who have achieved a full financial recovery after experiencing wind and hail damage attests to just how successfully we do our job so you can do yours. Trust in our experts to guide you through your homeowners insurance claim to a fair and just settlement.

After the tornado hit my home, I thought I would be able to work with my insurance company to obtain a fair settlement. When they told me they would not pay to put my house back on the foundation, that was my first indication they were not looking out for my best interest…Once I hired your firm, you took charge of my claim. I was impressed at how you assembled a team of your own experts to work jointly with my contractor and engineer to develop a strong case for both what needed to be done to properly fix my house and how much it should cost. I am very pleased with the results that you and your firm were able to obtain in a relatively short period of time… The appraisal award you were able to obtain was over double the insurance company’s original offer. I know I could not have achieved these results without your help.

Catherine Reder 

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