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As the nation's premier disaster recovery consulting organization, our core focus is maximizing and expediting our clients' financial recovery from insurance and FEMA.

We have offices in Southfield and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois. We're experienced with the types of natural disasters that strike here, the companies that insure here, and how local claims are handled. We have the resources and expertise to thoroughly investigate your loss, accurately prepare, document and submit your claim, and get you a full, fair and expedited settlement.

For 90 years, Globe Midwest Adjusters International has been guiding clients through the unpredictable territory of preparing and settling insurance claims. In 1985 we, along with a group of leading public adjusting firms in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, foresaw the need for an international network of highly skilled public adjusters who could bring specific expertise to servicing any type of loss, anywhere, at any time. Adjusters International was the result.

The Team Concept

The most effective way to handle a catastrophic claim is to have two processes going on simultaneously:

  1. The client, with our assistance if desired, should obtain anticipated costs for the actual work desired to be performed.
    1. If you choose to make repairs "in-house," we will assist you in understanding the limitations of the insurance policy to assure your complete recovery, otherwise you may not receive payment for your full Replacement Cost Loss.
    2. Should you elect to utilize an independent contractor, we can assist in assuring that you, and not the contractor, derive the optimum benefit from your claim.
    3. At the same time;
  2. GMAI will prepare a Scope of Damage and Cost of Repair in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy that would include:
    1. Coordination and continued negotiations with the insurance company's adjuster and their hired experts on issues such as: Building, Business Interruption, Ordinance or Law Coverage, Landscaping, Debris Removal, Architectural, Engineering, etc.
    2. Coordinate and control the insurance company's construction consultants to assure a proper scope of damage is assessed and agreeing on specific "unit" costs, subcontractors and a total claim valuation.
    3. This will assure a timely and satisfactory settlement. Furthermore, it allows our clients, the insured, to know what a good settlement amount is and be prepared to select the appropriate recovery option prior to the settlement of the claim.

Meet the Globe Midwest Adjusters International Team

Globe Midwest Adjusters International Team


Resources for Those Affected by the Oklahoma Tornadoes

With a 52-twister outbreak hitting the Midwest and plains this week, many residents are in need of assistance. We have compiled some resources that may be helpful for ...

With a 52-twister outbreak hitting the Midwest and plains this week, many residents are in need of assistance. We have compiled some resources that may be helpful for Oklahoma residents:

American Red Cross

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • http://www.fema.gov/states/oklahoma
  • FEMA offers a variety of survivor assistance and response resources including tools for applying for financial assistance and information on mitigating damage.

Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management

  • http://www.ok.gov/OEM/
  • The official emergency management site for the state of Oklahoma offers specific instructions to Oklahoma residents including weather safety checklists, weather safety alerts and official declarations from state regarding extreme weather events.

Tornado Project Online

As the recovery efforts begin, many home and business owners will be faced with the daunting and time-consuming task of filing insurance claims. It is your responsibility as the policyholder to make sure that the insurance company has all the information and evidence to support the extent of the damage to your home or business.

“We always hope that tornadoes will not affect our family members, friends and neighbors but unfortunately, these violent storms can be very unpredictable and destructive,” said Gross. “Our experts are here to guide you through your tornado insurance claim so please don’t feel that you need to take this on alone.”

For further reading, visit:

For assistance with your property insurance claims, call 800.382.2468 or visit our local websites at www.globemwai.com or www.ai-colorado.com.

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3 Reasons Why Tornado Insurance Claims Are Tough

Multiple tornadoes twisted through the states of Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana this week leaving behind a trail of leveled homes, businesses and debris. It is too early to ...

Multiple tornadoes twisted through the states of Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana this week leaving behind a trail of leveled homes, businesses and debris. It is too early to assess the property damage but with the Insurance Information Institute reporting that insured losses from U.S. tornadoes/thunderstorms in 2014 totaled $12.3 billion the cost will likely be high.

As many policyholders begin the process of filing property insurance claims, we’ve found three reasons why tornado losses are especially challenging.

1. They cause both wind and water damage – Tornadoes, defined by the National Weather Service as “violent rotating columns of air,” frequently tear roofs off of buildings and shatter doors and windows, opening the structure up to  both wind and water damage. Property destruction from wind can cause both obvious and hidden damages. Identifying the impact of high winds or the direct impact of a tornado on the structural integrity of a building is complicated; this process often leads to significant disputes between property owners and insurance companies on how to properly repair a building. Water damage, resulting from heavy rain entering openings created by the wind can also create challenges. For example: identifying what building materials can be properly dried out versus what building materials must be replaced.  And, if the storm results in flooding, the water damage from the flood is a completely different peril which must be claimed separately, if covered at all.

They say that tornadoes are the most violent storms of all and I believe it since I’ve seen them level entire communities,” said at Michigan-based Globe Midwest/Adjusters International. “Tornado claims can be extremely complicated because policyholders have to basically prove whether the damage to their home or business was caused by the actual tornado or by the wind and rain that usually followed it. It can take a whole team of experts to sort out the actual cause of damage and provide sufficient evidence to the insurance company to support the claim.

Carl Gross, Vice President & CAO

2. Outlying areas may also be affected – It’s not just the buildings in the tornadoes path that are affected. Tornadoes can destroy neighborhoods that are miles away from the spot where they touch down. According to FEMA, “Damage paths can be in excess of one mile wide and 50 miles long.” This means that businesses and houses that are miles away from the tornado may need to file insurance claims for power outages, flooding and wind damage.

TI’ve heard reports that here in Michigan, over 30,000 customers are without power. That means that grocery stores and other retailers and wholesalers that rely on cold storage may lose substantial stock due to power outages. Many policies have endorsements to cover such a loss

Ethan Gross, COO

3. Exclusions may apply or extra coverage/endorsements may be needed – When it comes to tornadoes, several exclusions may come into play.

    • Some property insurance policies have mold exclusions, meaning they will not pay to remove any mold that grows as a result of a tornado.
    • The Ordinance or Law Exclusion from an insurance policy can also prevent you from having a full recovery following a tornado. Code upgrade coverage is available to counteract this exclusion. Without code upgrade coverage, the insurance company will only pay to get the house back to the state it was in before the tornado hit but they will not pay the additional costs to meet the codes upgrades required by local regulators.
    • Roof replacement is another example. If the damaged roof was older than 20 years at the time of the tornado, the insurance company may take an excessive amount of depreciation. While most replacement cost policies will allow you to recover the depreciation when the roof is replaced, recent endorsements drafted by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) allow carriers to only pay actual cash value on roofs over 20 years old.
    • The ISO also created an endorsement that excludes cosmetic damage from wind and hail, which limits the coverage to areas directly, impacted thus excluding the cost to match shingles on undamaged portions of a roof.

“After a property loss occurs, homeowners will need to work through a complicated insurance claims process in order to get their properties repaired or rebuilt. The biggest challenge with making a tornado insurance claim is understanding your coverage and knowing how to get what you’re owned under your policy. Some home insurance policies are extensive and will cover everything and others are restrictive and will pay for very little. This is why you need an insurance expert to guide you through the process. “

For immediate help with your tornado claim in Michigan, Indiana or Illinois, call 1-800.445.1554 or email Carl Gross at cgross@globemwai.com.

For further reading, visit:

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